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Network Management and Security

Unmatched security

Our hardware and software security solutions work together to create a fortress around your wireless network, protecting the wired and wireless network and your data from unauthorized access.


The Layer 2 firewall on our access points adds an extra layer of protection as your data travels from sender to recipient. And since our WLANs automatically detect and respond instantly to any wireless threat — from rogue devices to network vulnerabilities — security has never been easier nor compliance with government regulations more cost-effective, from HIPAA to PCI.

Unmatched manageability
While the self-healing capabilities of Motorola’s adaptive wireless networks automatically spot and address many network problems before they impact service quality, other network issues do require human intervention to troubleshoot and resolve. Out WLAN Defence Network Assurance solution allows IT to proactively and remotely optimize, identify and resolve network issues — often eliminating the need to dispatch a technician to the site.

The result? Network availability and reliability your users can count on — with minimal management effort and cost.

For further information on ensuring high levels of security, please see Wlan Defence